Cancer Treatment Cernters of America is Offering Free or Low-Cost Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer is expected to strike upwards of 160,000 men in the coming year. All men aged 40 and up are urged to be tested for this deadly disease. Men over age 40 are at a higher risk for developing this cancer, and one in seven men are stricken. Black males face an even higher rate of prostate cancer with a one in five men ratio. October is National Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is partnering with LabCorp and the NFL Alumni Association to offer free prostate cancer screenings to 2000 men 40 years of age or older. After those 2000 men are screened, other interested men can get a dramatically discounted price of just $25. These terrific offers began in September and will continue through October 15, 2017.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a leading force for battling cancer through precision cancer treatments and the latest cancer research. Their holistic and all-inclusive approach to cancer care is what sets this treatment center far above any other competitors. This premiere cancer treatment organization is rated highly by their many thankful patients. CTCA provides superior cancer care to adult cancer stricken individuals. They have five elite hospitals devoted to cancer treatment in five locations across this country.

This October’s prostate cancer screening promotion is due to CTCA , NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp that has testing sites in over a thousand locations. Cancer Treatment Centers of America wants to get the word out that prostate cancer can be successfully treated if caught in the earlier stages. In several cities, there will be prostate cancer awareness events that will have some well-known NFL players and coaches. It is hoped that many men will take advantage of the free or reduced cost prostate cancer screenings held this month.

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Highland Capital Management – A History of Impact

With over 20 years of experience and an international reach, Highland Capital Management is one of the worlds most influential alternative credit managers. They started with humble roots in the 1990s with founders James Donero and Mark Okada, who together in a joint venture got started with the Protective Asset Management Company. By the late 90s the company was gaining speed and in an evolution of the development, went through several name changes that eventually ended with the Highland Capital Management we know today.

By 2008 Highland had broken onto the international stage with the opening of a firm office in Singapore, followed shortly by the opening of the Seoul office only three years later. Currently, they are based out of Dallas Texas and with over 180 employees and five branch offices, three of which are abroad, they are one of the world’s leaders in CLO management.

Their investment philosophy is said to be based on being experienced, disciplined and bold. Having worked in this field for over two decades they can say without a trace of doubt they are one of the most experienced CLO managers in the world and have a series of checks and balances implemented within to ensure clients that they have eliminated as many risks as possible in their portfolios. Additionally, they stand as strong advocates for investors, tailoring solutions to fit with the investors as opposed to a product.

Highland Capital Managment continues to grow today with no end in sight. Besides the market, Highland is a strong believer in investment for the community. With over $10 million having been donated to community organizations as well as nonprofits, Highland can back up their claim that they are out making a positive impact on the world.

White Shark Media Uses Online Marketing Devices to Empower Small to Medium Sized Businesses

When it comes to marketing small businesses online, White Shark Media has gained a stellar reputation since the foundation. For years now, small businesses have suffered the costs of paving their way to crowded markets. That is why with the help of a firm like White Shark Media, it is relatively easier to penetrate the ever growing industry. Behind the marketing firm are brains that harbor extensive experience following their commitment to give the best to the developing businesses. At White Shark Media, all that matters is what the client will be able to sell after advertising.


White Shark Media prides itself on being a leading firm that incorporates digital as well as advanced tools in internet marketing. With the rise of social media platforms as the primary sources for business transactions, this organization has momentarily gained a huge customer base to conduct business. For White Shark Media, the involvement of online marketing solutions is a main objective. From small to medium sized businesses, White Shark Media focuses on the development of firms with the hope that these firms will have a positive effect on people’s lives.


White Shark Media has been acknowledged as among the fastest as well as the best growing digital agencies across North America. The main objective of this company roots from their reputation as a cost-effective firm that instigates economical solutions towards problems. With their ability to conduct marketing campaigns geared towards the growth of the firm, White Shark Media continues to define itself as a thriving business that leads small businesses to greater marketing platforms. With a stellar reputation appended to great customer service, White Shark Media is a world class agency that has made a name for itself over its ability to build brands from scratch.


Perhaps, the most surprising feature that this agency is prominent for is its growth from a small boutique firm to a now leading organization that conducts significant businesses. From the positive customer reviews that this agency has garnered from clients, it is evident that most Americans are pleased with its operations. Their tactics suit customer needs. With the use of appropriate marketing tools, White Shark Media is confident that the future of small businesses is safe with their management. An additional formula that keeps ranking this business high on the list of some of the best advertising agencies is the ability to track customer’s performance online. With this strategy, businesses are likely to grow because the agency takes full responsibility for the losses that may be incurred.


Talk Fusion Increasing Knowledge Resources For Associates With Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion has quite a diverse group of associates working for them, and while some have years of experience in the multilevel marketing field, many others are completely new to it and need some stepping stones to get started with it. That’s why Talk Fusion now has Talk Fusion University as part of its resources so that associates can learn new concepts and strategies for reaching new clients. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO uses video tutorials for Talk Fusion University and there’s no charge to take part in it. This is just the latest development in Talk Fusion’s video marketing program.


Talk Fusion has helped many big companies, small business owners and non-profit foundations with branding and customer relations. It was founded in 2007 after Bob Reina took an idea for sending videos he recorded through emails and built a software system that became sold through direct selling. What’s made Talk Fusion popular is you don’t have to download large software files and its apps are compatible across a wide variety of devices. The company also has free trials for all of its products that doesn’t even require applicants to have a credit card to signup for. Associates can earn commissions both on their sales and on sales that people they recruit make, and if they exceed certain goals, they can be eligible for expensive prizes such as jewelry and paid-for vacations.


Reina doesn’t want Talk Fusion to be only about making money. He wants it to touch other lives through generosity and supporting causes that matter to charity groups. That’s why Talk Fusion has now started a giving back program at the company so associates can support charities they care about by giving one of those charities a monthly access account that they don’t have to pay for. Reina himself has helped many local and foreign non-profits ranging from animal rescue groups and adoption agencies. Learn more:


Ricardo Tosto: The Corporate Lawyer Making A Name For Himself In The Legal Field

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who has been working in the field of corporate law for a long period. He is extremely well known in the field and has contributed immensely to the legal sector in the country. One of Ricardo Tosto’s specialty is legislation. Numerous companies from different parts of the country come to him, wanting him to be their company’s lawyer and take them own as a client. The number of clients who he has had through the years is enormous and includes a wide list, right from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. Currently, Ricardo Tosto is regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country and has made a name for himself in the field.

Being as well versed as he is in the field of corporate law, Ricardo Tosto always knows what exactly a company needs in their given scenarios. He also has a good background in financials and knows how to analyze a business based on that and act on it accordingly. He has had an excellent win rate when it comes to the cases that he has taken on, and has set a precedent in a few of them as well.

It isn’t just corporates that Ricardo Tosto offers his services to. He is a lawyer to numerous members of the Brazilian government as well. He has also been the lawyer to many governmental organizations and has even represented a few of them in the court of law. This has even further strengthened the name of Ricardo Tosto and the skill that he offers.

Ricardo Tosto is not like most money minded corporate lawyers. He believes that he needs to do his bit to give back to the community, and does so in the way that he knows best, which is providing legal aid. He regularly takes on pro bono cases and helps people who need to have their cases settled, but don’t have the means to do so on their own. By doing this, he has improved the lives of numerous people coming from different parts of Brazil.

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Achievements of Omar Yunes that Made him Win BFW Award

On December 5, 2015, Omar Yunes, a Mexican businessman and entrepreneur representing Sushi Itto, received an award for the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW), at an event hosted in the city of Florence, Italy. Mr. Yunes is the Franchisee of more than 10 food chain units based in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. Omar’s operated his first Japanese food franchise at the age of 21. Today, the Sushi Itto Franchise has employed a team of about 400 employees who are responsible for running the brand’s operations. When he received the award, Omar Yunes explained that the prize was for his team, and was only representing them for their hard work.

During the Florence’ BFW edition, a total of 34 franchisee from different countries were competing to scoop the award. Some of the countries they were representing include Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, France and others. The basis of evaluating the franchisees was determined by the effect they have brought on the network, and not the brands themselves. They consider aspects like staff motivation, innovations proposed to the model among others.

Before the global event was held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes had already defeated his fellow countrymen/women by winning the BFW’s Mexican chapter. He was praised by the organizers of the national event for his role of his leadership skills that led to better measurements of every unit. The Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, commented about the awards won by their boss as a reflection of the team’s effort to offer their clients outstanding, remarkable and excellent hospitality.

Overview of Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor with interest in the food industry. Under his leadership, Sushi Itto has emerged as the top franchise in the food industry through measures implemented by Yunes to aggressively market its products. Omar is recognized by his employees for motivating and offering them attractive remuneration. Through his management, the brand has built a strong business structure, created a performing strategy that features control boards for implementing various business strategies. These and other achievements enabled him to defeat other franchisees to scoop the BFW award in 2015.

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Omar Yunes’ Deeds that Made Him Winner of 2015’s BFW

The renowned prize of the best franchisee in the world was given to the entrepreneur and business owner Omar Yunes, who owns a Sushi Itto restaurant in Mexico.

Omar Yunes is known for having revitalized the Japanese food industry in his nation, with Sushi Itto growing incredibly fast for a recent company in the department.

The award was given in 24 of November, 2015, and Omar Yunes was the winner, followed by other great franchisees in various types of business all around the world.

The other winner of the prize was Iván Tamer, who owns Prendamex, another very influential brand that was able to form many franchises across the nation.

For Sushi itto, the growth is due to a well thought-out opportunity where Omar Yunes invested in a market that was not having a great representation in the commercial centers of Mexico. Japanese food didn’t have great brands representing the industry, and the entrepreneur used this to his advantage and formed one of the most impressive franchises in recent history.

The delivery of the prize was given in 5 of December of the same year in the Italian city of Florence. Omar Yunes was the first winner of the nomination of “best franchisee of the world,” followed by personalities like Armando Acosta Astorga, owner of a franchise “Todo para su Pies,” Marín Sánchez, with the franchise “ActionCOACH” and Rosalba Márquez Pérez, owner of “Interdomicilio.”

The Best Franchisee in the world premier was made to give voice to some of the most impressive businesspeople around the world and registrate their deeds and achievements through a renowned prize that is respected everywhere in the world.

Also named BFW, some of the winners of previous iterations of the title were people with high standards that managed to grow a business from the ground and made it as successful as some of the brands registered in the nominations of 2015.

Omar Yunes is definitely one of the most notable cases of the BFW nomination as he managed to build a chain of restaurants in the Japanese food industry in a country like Mexico where franchises do not have as much open space to grow as in other developed countries.

Sushi Itto already has 13 other facilities spread across the country of Mexico and is preparing to have its 14° location founded to create even more restaurants where the Japanese culture is given proper respect.

Talos Energy Partners With Premier Oil And Sierra Oil & Gas To Drill An Oil Well In Mexico

Recently, Mexico started allowing foreign competitors to engage in its energy market. For almost 80 years, private companies were not allowed to compete in the country’s energy sector. However, in the recent past, a private entity sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexico. A joint venture of Sierra Oil & Gas from Mexico, Talos Energy from Houston and Premier Oil from London played a pivotal role in drilling the well. This was the first time for private companies other than Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-run monopoly, to engage in offshore exploration since 1938.
In a statement, Premier Oil posited that Zama-1 well, which is based off the state of Tabasco in Sureste Basin, had between 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude. The total cost of the drilling process, which is expected to last three-months, is expected to be $16 million. The three companies won the contract in 2015. They won the first round of bidding after Mexico went public that it would allow private companies to invest in its ailing oil industry. A revered analyst of Edison Investment Research, Elaine Reynolds, told clients that since this was the first well to be drilled by a private entity after the country opened its waters in line with its energy reforms, it would be keenly watched. Geologists posit that the structure of the basin indicates that the project has a high chance of geological success.
About Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a renowned oil and gas corporation. The Houston-based Corporation has been focusing on acquiring and exploring oil and gas properties. The management of the company largely zeroes in on various properties in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The company has been receiving funds from Talos Management, Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management.
In the recent past, Talos Energy acquired Energy Resource Technology (ERT), a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, for a consideration of $620 million. Owing to its transformative leadership, Workplace Dynamics named Talos Energy as the leading workplace. Tim Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy, posited that the rewards go to the talent while management deals with the risks. As a manager, Tim has used his visionary leadership to enhance the company’s success in the global market.

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Here Comes Honey: 40 New Locations in the UK and a New US Website for Honey Birdette

Whoa Honey!! The wonderful and luxurious lingerie and bedroom toy company Honey Birdette is primed and ready to open 40 new locations in the United Kingdom, has a brand new website for its United States customers and is actively looking to open locations in the United States!

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and since its inception customers have flocked through its black doors and onto its elegant website to buy everything from soft and silky lingerie, to high end toys for the bedroom, accessories and even a line of gear designed for those who enjoy S&M.

Today, Honey Birdette has over 50 locations in Australia and shows no sign of slowing down. The store is the “it” place for women to shop for their luxury lingerie needs.

United States customers can now visit the new website designed just for US shoppers. This site was launched after last year’s sales in the US spiked over 300%. The new site offers shoppers in the United States an extended line of clothing and products as well as things like free shipping with orders over a certain amount and faster shipping. In addition, to the hopes of many people in the United States, Honey Birdette may open some physical retail locations in select cities in America.

United Kingdom customers are also in for a treat as Honey Birdette announced 40 additional locations to be opened by the end of 2018. This announcement came after the booming success of its first three locations opened in the UK – the first ever opened outside of Australia – saw a smashing success that drew customers from across the country. Opening locations are first set in Leeds, Newcastle, Stratford and Liverpool, with the rest of the locations to follow and be completed by 2018.

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Sharing The Secrets to Success Like Marc Sparks

One of the common themes of successful entrepreneurs is that they want others to be successful in what they do. This is especially the case when it comes to other entrepreneurs. They understand that potential pitfalls and struggles that could come with trying to bring out a successful business. However, reaching success can be something that is very joyful. For one thing, when people succeed as entrepreneurs, it is like they have stumbled across a treasure. This is an experience that they want other entrepreneurs to experience. Therefore, they are willing to share secrets as to what worked for them. Learn more:


This is one of the traits of Marc Sparks. He has worked very hard and gone through trials before he finally figured out how business works. He has also figured out other secrets that could increase productivity in people. Among the secrets that he has figured out is the importance of environment. While it is a common belief that a successful entrepreneur would be able to focus in any environment, it does help to have an environment that brings forth productivity. This is one of the reasons that Marc has changed an office so that people will be more likely to collaborate and work towards their goals. Learn more :


Another thing that Marc Sparks believes is important to a successful business is a business model. Without a solid business model, a business is very likely to fail. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to make sure that they have taken a long hard look at their business model and made sure that they are working with something solid. One thing that could help them is if they study different business models and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of them. Marc Sparks not only talks about it in his interviews but also writes it down in his book for aspiring entrepreneurs to read. Learn more: