60, 0000 Subscribers to His Name- Paul Mampilly Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly owns one of the fastest growing investment newsletters with his subscription standing at 60000. He previously worked for Wall Street for two decades as the hedge fund manager where he served companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank.

However, his life turned around in 2009 when he won an investment competition from the Templeton Investment Foundation, the most prestigious award in the investment world. It is from here that he turned a 50 million dollar investment to 88 million dollars registering a 76%profit during a time of financial crisis. What is interesting is that he did not have to shirt any sticks to get these impressive results.

Mampilly collaborated with Banyan Hill publishing to form Profits Unlimited. His aim was to guide Americans into making profitable investments by spotting the right opportunities. Consequently, every month he has an eight-page newsletter list of new stock that he recommends to his subscribers. On a weekly basis, he gives an update of a single or two stocks in a model portfolio then he keeps tracking the progress of the investments through his website.

Paul Mampilly does not buy the stock for his subscribers but rather advises them to do it through their personal brokerage accounts. This offers an innovative alternative that makes him the financial adviser to his clients. Customers have written in on several occasions commending Paul for his suggestions as most of those who followed them have gained significantly. One said that in his three decades in stock exchange he had never met an impressive adviser as Mampilly.

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About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an American investor. He is a former manager at Hedge fund and winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. He is the founder and owner of the most followed investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. He uses his kills and experiences to guide his subscribers into stocks that have the potential of shooting higher.

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