Doctor CEO: An Insight on Dr. Mark McKenna

If any man were to embody the term “ambitious”, Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA would certainly be one of the most qualified entrepreneurs. A diligent CEO of Shape Medical Wellness Center (ShapeMed), Atlanta Georgia, Dr. McKenna is dedicated to providing nothing but the best cutting-edge non-surgical medical weight loss solutions for his patients. In 2013, ShapeMedrequalifies for a Black Diamond level of distinction with Allergan, Inc. This prestigious certification is exclusive to doctors within the field of medical aesthetics. Less than 1% of MD’s nationwide can achieve this level of innovation and excellence regarding their patient care.

Besides his exceptional leadership as an entrepreneur, he is also a dedicated philanthropist to his community. When Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans back in 2005, Dr. McKenna actively contributed to the reconstruction of New Orlean’s low to moderate-income neighborhoods. Dr. McKenna started out as a medical practitioner with his father and the owner of McKenna Venture Investments-a real-estate development firm. Along with McKenna Venture Investments came Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. which are both companies of a very similar nature.

An interview with Ideamensch indicated that part of the secret to his impressive success revolves around a punctual routine, precise goal setting, and creative visualization. Dr. McKenna is known to surround himself with people of expertise in order to continue progressing to a higher potential. He indicated that an important habit for a productive CEO has is to be a voracious reader and recommends the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for young entrepreneurs.
Dr. McKenna is a Tulane University Medical School alumni. He currently is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and was previously a member of New Orleans Industrial Development Board. He currently lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife, Gianine McKenna, their daughter Milana Elle, and their four-year-old Pomeranian.

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