Felipe Montoro Jens Helps Benefit Basic Sanitation Services through Concessions in the Country

The government of Brazil recently announced that it would make concession through a partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development. During a recent interview with Edison Carlos, the current president of Trata Brasil, he stated some important points concerning the initiative. Trate Brasil is an institute with actions concentrated on basic sanitation. Mr. Edison believes that the services offered will undergo enhancement in structural management and resource areas. During the interview, Edison stated that public power performs 90 percent of basic sanitation services. On top of that, 70 percent of users are served by state organizations.



Mr. Edison also pointed out that all government bodies have a significant and imperative experience that can be leveraged through partnering with other firms. Note that BNDES will formulate customized action strategies for the countries it serves, based on surveys that detail the condition that these areas are facing. With this, a financial institution can adapt the project of every location. On that note, Felipe Montoro Jens says that the loss of water was considered as one of the leading cause of the flow of financial resources of country-owned firms in the water sector.



Mr. Edison pointed out that private business has more resources, something that makes it an essential ally in preventing water wastage. He also talked about the advanced technology of these firms as something imperative for the management of water in the nation state so that they can raise greater investment in sewage network. Felipe Montoro Jens claims that the current Brazilian condition requires the typical rigor for such companies so that there is a substantial advancement in the financial situation of public institutions.



More information about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe has a degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe also earned a graduate degree from Thunderbird school of global management. He is the current principal at Odebrecht ParticipaƧoes e Investimentos SA. Before working here, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen previously worked as head of finance in Odebrecht SA.