Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Rules

To be a successful investor in Brazil requires vision, understanding, knowledge and discipline. It also requires a set of rules. Over a career as an investment advisor in Brazil that has lasted many decades, Igor Cornelsen has developed all of those things. He has a seemingly innate ability to see investment opportunities. Having worked with the most successful banks and businesses in Brazil has given him the knowledge and understanding he needs to consistently pick winners in the Brazilian stock markets. And over the years Cornelsen has developed a set of rules that lead to successful investing.


One of Cornelsen’s most important rules is to begin investing as soon as possible. It takes time for an investment to pay the type of dividend that can make a person wealthy. By beginning to invest as early as possible, this gives the dividends an opportunity to grow. Another of Cornelsen’s investment rules is to invest for the long-term. This rule dovetails perfectly with the prior rule. For Cornelsen, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you have to be prepared to leave it in place for years. This is how you build true wealth that can last a lifetime.


Get rid of losing investments as soon as possible, is another of Igor Cornelsen’s rules for successful investing. He always reminds investors that they are investing to make money. If an investment it’s losing money, it’s best to get rid of it right away and invest that money elsewhere where it can earn dividends. Another very important rule of investing that is preached by Cornelsen is the need to develop a diversified portfolio. Each person’s investment portfolio should contain some low risk, low reward investments. But it should also contain some investments that are high risk and high reward. Further, investors should spread their investments into several industries.


Igor Cornelsen has been a very successful investment advisor in Brazil for many decades. During that time, the investment rules he has developed have helped to make many people rich. Investors that follows these rules improve their chances of being successful.