Igor Cornelsen Shines as a Consultant

┬áIgor Cornelsen has enjoyed great success with an innovative stock picking strategy. He invests in stocks which are considered damaged or have faced a temporary setback. With his analytical insight, he’s able to determine if the company is facing lasting structural damage or has only undergone a temporary downturn. It’s one example of his sterling career as a businessman, investor, and financial counselor.

Cornelsen had a long, successful career as a banker in his native Brazil. He was at the helm of some of the biggest banks in Brazil and successfully managed a huge swath of the Brazilian economy.

Igor Cornelsen also touts Brazil as an investment opportunity. He relays that Brazil has abundant natural resources, a growing population with a need for an infrastructure that keeps pace. He considers Brazil the best investment opportunity in South America. They are one of the world’s top food producers and the largest country on the continent. They are also the eighth largest economy in the world.

With the installation of a new finance minister, Cornelsen expressed cautious optimism. Joaquim Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has also worked at the IMF and is considered a sharp policymaker with a high regard for the private sector. Cornelsen is hopeful that policy reforms can be implemented.

Cornelsen is currently retired and living in South Florida where he pursues his passion for golf. He still finds time to invest and perform consulting duties for the banking industry. His extensive experience and contacts enable him to be of great service.