Lori Senecal — The Most Powerful Woman in Advertising

Lori Senecal is a take-no-prisoners kind of director; nonetheless, she’s extremely compassionate. She is calm and level headed in decision making. She takes all necessary precautions and focuses on the elements of profit margin, productivity, and workplace effectiveness. She believes in the possibilities introduced by high-caliber advertisements and aids her group of creatives to produce the miracles they are known for making happen.

Lori Senecal does not match the mold of classic CEOs. She’s extravagant in her struggle for perfection and constant in her mission towards ever evolving greatness. She even gained a small following of faithful executives that meet up annually to talk about ways they could help girls excel at work. At a time in history when women’s rights are a national focus and movements are happening everywhere for the purpose of helping women, her attempts are dutifully applauded.

According to Campaignlive, at a time when girls are underrepresented in society, Lori Supplies a voice that is centric to the converging voice of millions. She works hard to make opportunities available for women. Some have stated that her leadership strategies are contentious. But, her track record has proven itself and she is a corporate warrior. After completing international advertising campaigns and sealing the deal with hordes of exclusive clients, the industry has called her the most powerful women in advertising and marketing in the world. She’s turned the industry on its ear and dismissed a brand new hole at the darkened cave for girls to go into. Check out Adweek to see more.

She goes above and beyond conventional CEOs who resort to easy approaches of nominal rewards and high fives. She’s completely counter to the male ego. Check out Crunchbase to see more.

She’s a strong woman who talks with pride. She walks with her head high and sits with complete poise. She’s grown into one of the most effective businesswomen in the entire world. While a few may consider the old approach of showing flashy emotions more suitable for business deals, Lori is maintained and composed. Her trademark smile and winning attitude is what draws new clients to her stable; her hospitality is what keeps them. She’s changing the way business on the planet is run.



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