Markus Rothkranz Gives The Scoop On Iron Deficiency

In a recent Youtube video health and wellness guru, Markus Rothkranz reveals why many of us have plenty of iron in our system but are testing with low levels. He goes on to tell how in reality most of us get plenty of iron in the foods that we eat so when we take supplements we are not really getting a benefit from it. The problem is that the body is not absorbing the iron properly. Some of the foods we eat will bind with the iron and remove it from our system. Some food that is high in iron is also high in substances that diminish iron. The remedy for the situation is to consume foods that promote absorption of the mineral rather than taking it from the body. In the video, he suggested that instead of trying to supply the body with iron through supplements that you change your eating habits to include things like sea kelp, dandelion leaves, and nettle leaves.

By taking supplements you can actually end up doing more harm than good. Too much iron in the system can cause serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and oxidation of the tissues. He goes on to say that the elderly have a problem being able to get rid of iron and are more susceptible to having toxic levels in their system. He also recommends that you try his Green Formula supplement that has highly digestible if you are unable to find foods that will supply and help you digest the iron in them.

In the video, he also suggests that you go to bed by 10 p.m. so that you get the full benefit of sleep and allow your body to repair itself. He drew a connection between a lack of sleep and unabsorbed iron in your body becoming trapped and showing up as dark rings around your eyes the next day.