OSI Group Company: Customized Solutions for the Food Industry.

American company Group is a privately owned holding company involved in processing meat. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald who is the President of Group manages it. It has various plants across United States in areas such as Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, and in Riverside, California.

For the sake of its food service and retail customers, the company produces numerous private label brands. The company has over 65 facilities spread across the 17 countries around the globe. The main products include Pizza, Bacon, Pork, Fish, Hot dogs, Meat patties, Poultry, vegetable and Dough products. The company has been a renowned meat supplier through the numerous chain stores across China.

Group tremendous growth is attributed to the many years it has traded with china. With time Group will turn out to be one of the largest companies across United States. This is due to various investments that it has done over the years with already eight factories and two facilities already in progress.

The President of Group David McDonald claims that the continuous growth of Group companies is due to the growth of China both economically and in population wise. China is the largest consumer of poultry products. In order to cater for the growing demand of its products, Group launched seven new processing and production facilities around the world.

McDonald also asserts that regardless of the continued increase in appetite for their products, they not only just increase the quantity but over the years, there is development in the product so as to attract and retain more customers. Group particularly collaborates with the clients so as to get to know what they want; they in turn collaborate with the suppliers in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

McDonald claims that listening to customer’s feedback is the foundation of success of any business. Group always involves its esteemed customers in order to know what developments are to be done to the products and what should be incorporated in the final product.

These engagements are always valuable to the group. In 2016, Food Solutions UK was awarded one of the most decorated and envied award “Globe of Honor Award”. This in particular was for their credible and perfect management of environment, health and safety risks. In 2013 and 2015, it also scooped “Globe of Honor”.

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