Richard Mishaan Design is what to go for when it comes to Quality and Extravagant Designs

Richard Mishaan, the owner and founder of Richard Mishaan Design, got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New York. He later studied architecture and design at Columbia University School of Architecture. By acquiring great knowledge from these prestigious learning institutions, he has incorporated so much into his career and has grown to become the best in what he does and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

As a dedicated man, he follows his passions which are inspired by his great love for art and design. He has expressed these endless passions in books that have gained fame by getting as many readers. His two famous books are Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury.

Richard never lets any artistic work go unnoticed and therefore appreciated young designers by offering them jobs at his company. Together they have managed to transform so many spaces into beautiful landscapes. Besides, he has also done some of the unique and extravagant designs in residential homes, business premises, luxurious hotels and much more.

No one has ever beaten him when it comes to doing what loves most, and this has made him shine in this industry. Every company and even the government are desperately in need of his exquisite expertise even to the point of requesting him to design their spaces. A confirmation to this was when he was requested to design the presidential suite at one of the luxurious hotels in New York. In addition, he has also designed many famous buildings such as the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel, New York City and learn more about Richard.

Additionally, he has also designed most of the luxurious hotels in the city. The reason why he has been getting these good deals is that his good works sell him. He has gained so much popularity and all these have helped in his personal growth as well as that of his company and his Linkedin.