This is a privately owned meat processing company, with its headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. This company is well known for providing items such as sausage links, sandwiches, and pizza to willing retail brands. David McDonald is currently president of the OSI group, and he admits to having a wide range of networks around the world. This corporation handles over fifty institutions in seventeen different nations.

David insists on the company’s appetite for growth as he states about the plans to expand and open up new plants around the globe. He states that making large sales is not solely dependent on production rates but also largely depends on product development. In the United States, OSI plants are located in Chicago, Geneva, Utah, California and several other countries.

OSI group continues to spread its wings further by buying other food industries that match up to their values as a company. OSI gives ideas on how to tackle various custom problems and also provides quality products to retail businesses. By combining efforts with consumers, OSI groups gain ideas on how to develop their business and liaise with suppliers to help them boost their sales. This helps the most demanding buyers to obtain exactly what they expect. McDonald stated that the primary goal of the company is to keep the taste and health benefits of the food constant.

He commends Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the OSI group for steering the company to growth, by offering a variety of foods to choose from and letting the company become more direct with its customers.

The OSI group spreads through sixteen countries outside of United States. According to Forbes, OSI ranks as one of the largest private food processing company in the world. Having purchased a flagship in Europe, OSI can deliver resources for new customers in world markets. Products provided in the Europe flagship line would include dressings frozen poultry, marinades, and sandwich fillings. McDonald stated that establishment of a flagship o OSI in Europe enables a wider existence in the continent, and makes it easier for the group to meet a customer’s evolving needs. OSI hand combined efforts with Baho, which is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, meat, and food, which widens the presence of the OSI group in the European market. Baho with five subgroups have plants set up in Germany and Netherlands.

OSI maintains an extensive range of services and aims to increase its popularity domestically. Expansion of this food processing company all around the world has been made possible by standardization of their goods to ensure an impeccable quality of their products. To know more about us: click here.

OSI, in its production, employs the use of latest technological methods, such as the use of x-ray machine and metal detectors to ensure elimination of any foreign material during the production process. In Illinois, OSI keeps beneficial relationships with the Ronald McDonald’s house and other charities. OSI’s future is explicitly bright globally.