Dr. David Samadi Uses Natural Breathing Methods To Relieve Some Of This Stress

David B Samadi is a famous urologist. He currently works as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is well known around the country as he has appeared on television multiple times.

He has become the highest paid doctor in all of New York. Although he has managed to find great success, things weren’t always that way. Before moving to the U.S., he lived in London and Belgium. Originally, he was born in Iran. Due to a revolution in his home country, he was forced to move at a young age. He finally ended up in New York were he finished high school. He has a lot of experience and expertise in his field. He has conquered many difficult operations and has achieved a lot in his time working. His official job is to diagnose prostate issues such as cancer. He then provides patients with the best plan of treatment.

To help him during procedures, he developed a robotic procedure that uses precise attention to detail. Doing so, he has eliminated some of the negative side effects that come from prostate procedures. He has stated that he has wanted to become a doctor and assist others since a young age. The reason he leaned towards urology was due to his fascination with, and the development of, robot surgery equipment. Although he loves what he does, he does find it to be stressful sometimes. He uses natural breathing methods to relieve some of this stress. He is constantly working to make improvements. He is at work as early as 6 AM and stays there for up to twelve hours. He surrounds himself with driven people like himself. He maintains a very positive attitude during and outside of work. He enjoys keeping himself busy during the day. One of the reasons he is so good at his work is due to photographic memory. He is able to draw up or look at pictures and them visualize them during a procedure. He is focused on making procedures easier and less hard on the patients. He truly believes in the use of robotic surgery. Robotic surgery can help by minimizing the invasiveness of certain operations. People like David Samadi are very beneficial to the country. He is very selfless and cares about helping others more than he cares about making money. He will continue to further his career in Urology.

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