TalkSpace’s Meet Our Therapy Series Features Alicia Winkle

Therapists come from all walks of life and are as diverse and unique as the clients they diligently work to help. Talkspace provides a ‘Meet Our Therapists’series to offer insight into the minds of professionals that work with the company to provide care. Alice Winkle, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama, is the subject of the interview that follows.

What Is Your Motivation For Working In The Mental Health/Therapy field

I have always been interested in fields that help people. I actually went to school to be a nurse practitioner. I was forced to drop out of school for a semester when I experienced the effects of anxiety for myself. When I returned I changed my major to psychology because I had decided that I wanted to help other people overcome their obstacles and help them in making changes that will improve their lives. It was then I knew that I would become a therapist.

Why Did You Begin Working With TalkSpace

My previous employer is actually the person that introduced me to the idea of working with TalkSpace. I became intrigued with the idea of counseling people who were present in their own homes. I had seen, so I was conscious of the numbers of depressed people unable to leave their own beds. As well many people with anxiety are reluctant to leave their homes. The Talkspace platform helps so many people that would not otherwise have the opportunity to take advantages of these services.

What Is Your Biggest Source Of Pride In Working With TalkSpace

The ‘thank you’ that comes from a client that I can see has progressed significantly. I cannot describe the pride I feel at these times.

What Do You Do For Fun

I love being outdoors. One of the perks of working with TalkSpace is that I can work from a variety of outdoor locations and be productive in my work.