The Evolution of Fashion at The Academy of Art University’s NYFW Display

It is the week each year that fashion professionals all over the world wait for. New York City’s Fashion Week has become a staple of NYC culture and fashion. Designers create very unique and very special items just for these runways and every year new names become the hot new topic while classic and iconic designers keep things fresh and updated. The School of Fashion located within the Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and fashion-minded students travel from all over the world to study here. A number of designers and students travel each year across country to New York for Fashion Week and this year, a group of recent graduates took the stage with their designs. To date, this was the Academy of Art University’s 21st show for Fashion Week, all of them taking place at the iconic Skylight Clarkson Square venue.

On behalf of the Academy of Art University, there were five different women’s fashion outfits presented during Fashion week as well as two men’s outfits. Two collaborations with both genders were also shown. The ten students that created this show were recent graduates with BFA and MFA degrees and they brought their education along with their unique talent to the table. The runway show took place on September 9, 2017 and dazzled the crowd that was in attendance.

It is the unique demographic that attends the Academy Art University that makes this such a wonderful and educational institution. There are students from as far as China that attend this fashion forward school and Americans from across the country in Maine. There are plenty of students in between as well that really contribute to the passionate melting pot of fashion lovers. If designers were nervous at the show this past Fashion Week then nobody could tell. Audience members such as Ms J Alexander from Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model was in attendance as well as Sara Kozlowski who is the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. While the show itself is only about fifteen minutes long in length, with models walking one right after another, it takes all year to prepare for a show of this caliber.