USHealth Advisors, Creating Great Success Stories

Mark Brodinsky, a USHealth Advisors agent, chose to share an amazing success story of how USHealth Advisors healed a special somebody find his destiny throughout. Mark Brodinsky is a man of God and a person who truly believes in his word. Mark Brodinsky believes that sometimes, many people look for God to send miracles in their lives, when the miracle can be found in life by simply looking in the mirror! That’s right, you are your own miracle. In order to find your destiny, you just need to persevere through all of the difficulties to find your self and to find God as well.

Randy Hildebrandt grew up in a big city and he always loved baseball. Randy Hildebrandt also had the goal of playing professional baseball, looking to earn millions of dollars for his career. Randy Hildebrandt knew that he wanted to be just like some of his favorite baseball players in the league that he looked up to very much. However, the dream sounded very good, but it did not last long. While playing baseball, Randy got a shoulder injury. The injury required surgery and even though he made it out of the surgery alive and healthy, his shoulder could not take any more stress. Read more on about USHealth Advisor

Because of this, Randy was forced to end his baseball career. After this, Randy was very lost. He was trying to find himself. Throughout the years he attended college and worked jobs that he did not like. After Randy graduated, he was still not happy with his life. He eventually started working for a large insurance corporation that was hours away from his home and very impersonal. That did not work out either, unfortunately.

Eventually Randy met Troy McQuagge. Troy Mcquagge is the CEO and president of USHealth advisors. The company gave Randy an employment opportunity there, and Randy has never been more happy. Randy is now happily married and a father now as well. Randy is happy he maintained his faith throughout the entire situation. He now has a successful career and a successful and happy life as well! Learn more: