USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

This Company is a subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group and offers diverse products which include Life and supplemental products, and Specified Diseases/Sickness products. The company offers its customers tailor made products which provide a good buying experience that is guided by trusted and licensed USHEALTH Advisor agents. These agents are required to meet certain specific certification standards and product training. These are the bonafide authorized agents and it is easy to recognize them because of their expertise and certifications. The company’s products are focused on meeting the different needs of the customer.


This is why it offers a wide range of products to meet those needs and choose the type of protection that is suitable for them. The company also caters for clients whose budget is limited or those that require to satisfy a high annual deductible before receiving any insurance benefits, the company is able to offer innovative products. The plans are cheaper than other comprehensive plans. They also provide value by offering first dollar protection which is only possible from a limited protection plan.

The company is reliable and affordable with a wide selection of insurance covers including covers for medical expenses. It has a large number of clients which further attest to its popularity.


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USHEALTH advisors insurance operates on two fundamental concepts. The first one is that they treat every customer as a unique individual with special needs. The second concept is that the belief that the one size fits all notion is not usually accurate. This is the main reason why the company is known for providing a wide selection of affordable products to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. The company is able to solidly provide award winning customer service and fast processing of claims. The company has been recognized as the Top 50 in 2013 by North American Call Center. It was ranked among the best companies in America in terms of customer service. It average claim processing and payment turn around period is unequaled in the industry. This is why the company has earned an A+ rating for customer service from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).