Your Future Is Sexy and Delicious In this EOS Crystal Ball

Just in case you aren’t aware of EOS Vegan Lipbalms or aren’t aware of EOS at all, let’s get you acquainted. You’ll never feel so safe when applying a lip balm as you will with EOS. First, all the fabulous fresh flavors are natural. Today, they’ve broken the mold and offer up a totally vegan sphere that’s sexy and see through. Just using it is fun! And you can rest assured that it’s not harming animals or you with chemicals. Hard to believe when you look at the package but they did it. Check out more related info here on


A Forgone Design

If you look at the regular flavors of EOS you’ll note it’s a spherical fun and young shape that appeals to a young at heart crowd. This one; however, is a more adult yet still sexy pyramid shape. Once you’re done playing with the mesmerizing packaging, you’ll open it to reveal a totally clear balm. That’s right, a totally clear see-through ball! They’re so addictive you’ll have to have more than one and you’ll have to give one to each friend for a stocking stuffer or other holiday gift. Hell, you could give one of those away anytime during the year but you’ll want to be one of the first right now.

The cost is less than a tropical drink which is what the Hibiscus Peach smells like, see here at The Vanilla Orchid is fabulous too. So for the price why not buy two?

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